Before you can earn money from blogging you need views and a monetization method. For that you need to know who your ideal viewer is, where they are, and what they want. 

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So, How are fashion bloggers making their money?

"How exactly do fashion bloggers make their money?"
"How much do they really earn?"
It's a question I have been asked time and time again. It's also a question that is often overlooked when working on your fashion blog (if your goal is to make an income off it) and unfortunately there is not a lot of solid information from fashion bloggers who have actually done it, to use as reference. Who have actually made a living off fashion blogging. Who aren't just talking the talk but have walked the walk. Until now..

In this blog post we will look at the four main methods that are used to make an income from fashion blogging.
I'll tell you the blunt truth, how much each will earn you and how to maximize each of them. As you will see, some methods are definitely higher earning than others but often a fashion blogger will spend years focusing on the lower earning methods ultimately making it harder on them selves. The goal of this post is to show you the better ways to monetize, saving you years of learning the hard way.

To make an income from blogging you need two things...
A monetization method and views.
Today we're talking about the top four monetization methods.

Before implementing these monetization methods or trying to make a living off your blog or even trying to gain followers and views, you need to know exactly who your content is for and what they want. So you can create the correct content and use the correct monetization method for your content.

So ask yourself.. Can you picture the person you make your content for? Can you tell me their interests? Their reason for consuming your content? If you can't I'd recommend getting this free worksheet. It will solidify exactly who you're creating content for, what they want and where you can find them.

"The highest paid fashion bloggers don't have the largest followings - using correct monetization methods will earn you more than any amount of followers." - Corey Lupton

I think that is enough rambling about the importance of knowing your audience and your monetization method - time to get into the cold hard facts and learn how much each method really pays. 

1. Youtube Or Blog Ads

When most people thing of making money from fashion blogging they think of the money you earn from youtube or blog ads. I know I sure did when I started...

One thing I have been thinking about recently, is the fact that their is never a shortage of people paying for these ads to go on our videos and our blog posts. Why is that? How do they all have so much money then can put ads on all the time? But then I quickly dismiss it due to the fact that well hey, it's an income right.

Well I mean right, but think about it. A business only spends on ads if they return a profit. That's right, so whatever they're spending they're making more back. Which makes me wonder, why do we so willingly give up the opportunity to use this space when it seems to be worth money? Because fashion bloggers have yet to really learn to successfully monetize and instead frantically try get views whilst being paid quite low for what it is really worth.

But how much do these ads pay? How much are views really worth to brands?

Well with ads, it depends on many variables such as type of content, audience, location and more. But a pretty good rule of thumb is to tell yourself you will get $1-$3 per 1000 views. With more generic topics being worth less and more niche topics being worth more.

You might think this isn't too bad right? Wrong. When successfully monetized views are worth a lot more than that! How much more you ask? Well to give you an example, the average income from 1000 views for myself and thousands of others is $1000! That's right, $1 per view. Not per 1000 views like Youtube pays. To get an idea on how someone can make $1 per view, check out our most popular blog post which is a whole blog post covering this one topic. Read it now by clicking here.

In saying this, a lot of people I know have successfully made a living strictly from the ad revenue received. This means that they were receiving such a large amount of views weekly that it covered a full time wage. This is definitely achievable but focus would need to be strictly on creating content which is designed strictly for views and nothing else. Such as quirky and interesting list videos. 

Word of warning if you decide to follow this track: Youtube can decide to ban or turn off your ad account at any moment they feel like and with a near non-existent contact option, you may loose your entire income overnight. 

2. Brand Deals & Sponsored Posts

Brand deals and sponsored posts can be a good source of income in lump sumps. This type of income is not guaranteed to continue and companies paying bloggers for posts have been in past, notorious for slow or non payment.

One trend which has emerged is the use of managers by fashion bloggers. That's right, you can now get yourself a manager who deals with finding you brand deals and negotiations on your behalf. Often these managers are only paid via commission and often in between 15-25%, so they only get paid when they get you a paid brand deal. This in theory is great, but often managers may not be able to get brand deals still, or they may focus on their top level clients and you risk being neglected, as well as the risk of being signed to a contract which may or may not limit what you can do for yourself. 

Despite the pitfalls with this method, it's definitely a growing industry with the standard rate seeming to be $1000 per instagram post, if you have 100,000 followers. But obviously this differs heaps for many reasons not limited to level of engagement the blogger receives on their posts. This jumps up even higher for Youtube videos with companies paying $5000 for a well made and promoted video if you have 50,000 subscribers.

Even if you're not large online you can directly discuss with brands of which you may have some luck, as well as use third party companies that act as intermediaries between brands and bloggers. One such example is Famebit, this is a very easy way to start landing paid posts and get a portfolio of successful campaigns for the companies you advertise for. I have personally used these guys and have little to complain about, so if you want to start doing brand deals using a simple effective method, sign up here to famebit.

Other than having a manager or using a third party, the last and very popular method is direct outreach. That's right, calling or emailing brands directly. Now unfortunately most people do this completely wrong and ruin any further chances with that brand in the future when they learn how to correctly approach brands. There is a correct and a non-correct way of doing this. This method is very effective if you do it right but also has large consequences with your reputation if done wrong. To learn the correct way to approach brands and land your deal every time, we are creating a blog post detailing this in detail which will be live soon.

3. Affiliate & Commission Sales

Affiliate and commission sales can be both a really great method as well as a horrible method depending on the way you implement the method and the content you create.

The most common type of commission or affiliate offer that new fashion bloggers come across is the classic, "tell your viewers to use this promo code for 10% off and we'll give you a commission from each sale." This is often sent by small brands who have one or two staff. The idea being that you use your following to sell their product, at a discount to your follower and at a profit to you. Sounds great right?
Unfortunately, wrong. Because unfortunately brands who use this method are often much smaller and may not pay correctly due to not having advanced enough software to track sales or clicks efficiently. As well as not usually having as much capital to work with. This is not always the case - but it is very often.

For fashion bloggers who use affiliate sales correctly can find that they can make over a million dollars per year with having very little fans. Sound ridiculous? It's not. Google some fashion bloggers income reports and respective news articles on them. But how do they make so much? Because they choose to work with one of very few fashion affiliate companies who have worked hard to help fashion bloggers have an amazing resource. Particularly, Reward Style. Reward Style is a company that I as well as all successful fashion bloggers use. They have access for you to earn commission on almost any clothing item you can find on the internet. They also incorporate this magic thing, called cookie tracking. This means that if someone on the internet happens to click one of your affiliate links, even if they don't buy that product, for the next 30 days almost any purchase they do make, even without going through your site will earn you commission on their purchase!

Once you realize the power of correct affiliate selling you can make a very large income very quickly. Using the correct content, partnering with Reward Style and implementing a method like the one found here, means that you can control your income and be generating a very large income off your blog from as soon as next week. We also have a resource available to those of you who want to be walked through the entire process, ensuring that you will be earning enough to live off your blog in under 42 days. You can check it out here.

4. Selling Your Own Products

Selling your own products or services... It is by far the best way to earn a sustainable and very large income from fashion blogging.

Selling your own products as well as affiliate sales through Reward Style are the two methods that 95% of all successful fashion bloggers are using to generate the large income. All the blogs generating over a million dollars a year (and there are lots and lots of them) all use these two methods as their primary earners. So if you want to live off your blog, or generate income from it. You need to focus on these two methods. Bloggers are finding that even with under 5000 Youtube subscribers they are able to generate over $10,000 per month! As long as they implement these methods correctly.

Now before you write off the idea of selling your own product. Remember that you can sell anything, it doesn't necessarily have to be a clothing line or make up. You can sell promo, information, photography, writing and so many other things. Selling your own product or service is not as hard as you may think, as long as you follow the methods to success. We go over this method in depth here and if you read any one of our blog posts you should definitely make it this one

If you don't follow a tried and tested method such as the one linked above, you're more than likely going to fail at selling your own product and more than likely you will fail to generate any income from your blog.

The secret to making money from your fashion blog, is to have a good monetization method. That's it. It's not followers. It is having a good monetization method.

Now, go read our most popular post on the actual method you should use. Find it here. Then you need to study our most valuable resource, its a worksheet we have used time and time again. It's the starting point of building a successful fashion blog. If you haven't already downloaded it, get it here. It's currently free for a limited time. Be quick before we take it down and start charging for it again!

Written By Corey Lupton, CEO Of Blogger Memoir

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